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Truck Driving School for CDL Drivers

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As a private CDL training school, Safe Driving Academy is unlike any other truck driver training program.  Our CDL training instructors bring decades of experience to the classroom and help students build their knowledge and skills the right way.  

Our CDL students are not rushed in a boot-camp style system. By the end of CDL training, our students are safe and dependable entry-level professionals that employers want to hire. Join the fleet of drivers making a difference behind the wheel. 

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Drive With Confidence 

Our Courses

Entry Level Driver Training 

We meet the new Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) regulations which require that all entry-level drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) receive training from a provider listed on FMCSA’s Training Provider ...

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Our Courses

CDL Class A Training 

Earning your Class A CDL license is an excellent entryway to an entirely new career with higher pay and better benefits. CDL truck driver training with CDL Safe Driving Academy ...

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Our Courses

CDL Class B Training

Start a new and exciting career with high pay and better benefits by earning your CDL Class B with  CDL Safe Driving Academy. Gain access to career opportunities that require ...

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Over 95% of Students
Pass Their Test  
The 1st Try

Learn which of our CDL courses would be most suitable for you. 

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    Start the process to get your Class A CDL or Class B CDL by taking classes with Safe Driving Academy. Sign up online now. 

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    Get help determining which course is best for your situation and unique needs. 

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    Start Your Course 

    Learn everything you need to know in order to take the test to obtain your CDL. 

    We’re here to help you become a great driver 

    Gain confidence on and off the road with CDL courses that cover every aspect of commercial driving in the United States. Our teachers are patient, knowledgeable, and help answer your questions. 

    CDL Approved Programs 

    All our CDL Courses are approved for training you to get your Class A or Class B CDL. 

    Experienced & Trusted 

    We have helped teens, adults, and career professionals get their licenses with no issues. 

    Flexible Schedules 

    Our CDL courses are offered at various times throughout the week, and we are open Mon-Sun. 

    Trained Instructors 

    Our drivers have spent thousands of hours helping thousands of people get their licenses. 

    The advanced level course
    is designed for our leaners

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    • Responsibilities as a Driver
    • Vehicle Controls
    • Traffics Signs & Control Devices
    • Rules of the Road
    • Encountering other Road Users
    • Driving in Dangerous Condition
    • Incase of Accident

    Affiliate Companies

    The companies we have worked with to get their soon-to-be employees or students that we successfully taught to get their CDL licenses

    Reviews & Testimonials 

    We have a reputation for training great drivers and love to share student testimonials! 


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    This is the Best Driving
    School in City.

    Gave me the confidence to drive well! I decided to learn how to drive about 10 years later than most of my peers and thus it took me a bit ...

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    Aden Capati

    Great Experience with
    udrive Team.

    My instructor, Arif Ali, was a very fun and engaging driving instructor. He was very flexible with my schedule and made sure that the lessons were both convenient and timely. ...

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